Other Additional Questions for My discounts:

1. Why is my cashback pending for so long?

Unfortunately, we have to wait from the store to confirm to us that the transaction was not returned or exchanged. Usually, this process takes 8-10 weeks to validate the transactions with their requirements. We continuously work with stores to reduce this waiting period. Once the completing all formalities the Pending balance will be shifted to Available Balance. In case your cashback is pending more than 60 days from the date of purchase, You can raise a mail to our support team.

2. What is the difference between Pending Balance and Available Balance?

Pending Balance is the Balance you earned from different sources like Referral Bonus, Sign-ups, Purchased cash backs, Rewards and other earning amount from My discounts. You can’t withdraw until it moved to Available Balance and sometimes it fluctuates too. Finally, it took some time to move to Available Balance for different modes of confirmation.
Same as the available balance is you can withdraw once you reach the threshold amount. But withdrawal request to My discounts is compulsory to approve your money.

3. Why my cashback was canceled?

Here are some common Reasons :
The order was canceled.
The order was returned or exchanged
The order was partially returned or partially exchanged.
The order was changed.
The order was paid for using a gift code or gift voucher.
The order was booked for using Cash on Delivery.
The order might have been classified as a bulk order from a wholesaler or a travel agent etc.
Sometimes stores do not provide us with any specific reason for declining the cashback. In such cases, a Missing Cashback claim can be filed and we will do our best to find the reason for the cancellation of the cashback.

4. The offer I saw in another source on the same product it does not exist on your site. How I get it?

My discounts is very clear and accurate to follow the offers. We remove the offers from our site once the offers are expired. We assure that we keep only valid coupons and offers it gives you an awesome experience.

5. How can I guarantee I get my cashback?

By following the below rules you can track your cash back properly:
Be logged into your My discounts account.
Check the offer or cash back before you start a transaction.
When you click on the product link My discounts redirects you an official site with our tracking id by opening the pop-up box. Please do your transaction with the help of that box.
Please check your cart before you purchase from My discounts. Maybe a chance is there to confuse with other products in your cart.
We already offer a best deals and coupons do not apply other coupons or offer here.

6. How do I find the exact cashback for my purchase?

My discounts is very clear on that what users can get. You can find what you get in the description. And you must remind one thing we already posted the offered/discounted one. Coming to the My discounts extra cash back it purely depends on the Administrator. So it will be added or fluctuates automatically.

7. Why is the tracked pending balance or cash back fluctuates or canceled?

It depends on the many factors the products you purchase. Some are you may cancel, exchange or change the product. Sometimes it has a chance to cancel the cash back.

8. Is there any chance without cashback?

Yes Obviously, we mentioned all offered and discounted products. But sometimes we keep the products or stores without any cash back or offer based on the user’s importance. If the benefits are available on the products you can find in the description.

9. What happens if my cashback is canceled?

If your cashback is canceled by the Store, your cashback amount for that transaction will be removed from your pending balance. The store having full rights to validate a transaction. Unfortunately, their decision is final.

10. My cashback or offer was not tracked at all, what should I do?

Generally, the store and My discounts need some time to confirm your cash back. It depends on some factors to validate your transaction. Once it has done you can track your cash back. Approximately it took 72hours to validate.

11. I do not have a purchase proof, how do I submit a cashback claim?

Generally, we track every transaction you made. Once it was not recorded with us and you can submit your transaction proof to our support team. If you don’t have any proof it was considered as invalid cash back.

12. How do I withdraw my balance?

You can withdraw your available balance once it reached to Rs 500 by sending a withdraw request. My discounts is very user-friendly to transfer the amount.

13. Can I transfer my balance to another My discounts account?

Yes, we do that transfer of a balance from one My discounts account to another account with a formal mail request with very clear details that too the threshold amount was reached.

14. What is the benefit if I refer a friend?

You can earn a Referral bonus for each friend that signs up using your referral code and fulfills the requirements related to the referral. There is no limit for Referrals or referral bonus. You can earn a lot with My discounts Referral programme.

15. How can I get a Referral code?

My discounts provide each referral code to everyone while signing up with their email id. Users can track their Referral Signups with that id.

16. How can I make my joining bonus & referral bonus become available?

My discounts check with many parameters. Once the finalizing the users the Joining or Referral bonus automatically updated in their profiles.

17. Can I sign up using Social Media?

As we told we are very user-friendly. You can Sign up and log in with Google, Facebook, and Twitter or you can register with us directly.

18. Can I change the email address on my account, how do I do this?

We’re sorry, currently, you do not have that option to change the email id on your My discounts account. If you have signed up using a wrong email address, you can sign up again with your correct email address. But You can change other general details.

19. Can I create more than one account on My discounts?

Yes, If you really need one more account you can sign up with different email id. But coming to the Savings it took extra time to reach your threshold amount. Obviously, your withdrawal time is going back.

20. I want to close my account, how can I do this?

We are sorry, currently, you don’t have that option to close your account. You can simply unsubscribe us to stop our updates in your mail. If you really feel that we are not useful to you please kindly give us feedback. We value your feedback.

21. My query is not listed. What should I do?

If you can’t find your query here. My discounts team is happy to serve you any time. You just simply raise your issue on mail.